Team Trade

Terms and conditions

Airsoft Armourer Trade Account Terms And Conditions

  1. All account must be approved by Airsoft Armourer before gaining access to the trade prices
  2. Anyone found to be suspected of or found to be sharing their account details with anyone other then the registered person/s allocated to the account, will receive notice of immedite closure.

By accepting the listed terms and conditions I (the player/ user) understand that my rights to trade pricing is to be shared by no one and if found doing this, i understand and ackwnoledge deletion of my account and the ability to register in the future to be revoked.

The information gathered upon signing up for the trade account will be stored by Airsoft Armourer and by no one else. If requested I (the player/ user) will allow Airsoft Armourer to make changes to the account when/ if deemed necessary. I understand that my account is not live until Airsoft Armourer Has granted permission and i may be asked for further/ additional information. Once granted access to trade pricing I will recieve a confirmation email with my user id and password, the password must be changed within the first 24 hours or account deactivation will take place. If this happens, an application must be re-submitted.

In order to keep the account active, we (Airsoft Armourer) ask for a minimum of £100 to be spent per order, this can be across any products available on the website or special ordered in, the percentage decrease on speical order items will be decided by Airsoft Armourer. The trade account has a variable percentage decrease across different products ranging from 10%-30% and can be taken advantage of even more percentage decrease across bulk buy items such as, ammo, pyro, consumables.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you enter into a monthly contract with Airsoft Armourer Which can be stopped at any time. If the requirements are not met, we will notify you before account closure.

For any more information regarding the team trade accounts, please email