The Black Site Airsoft


This day brings the community together even more! Supporting the local community in Holton Cum Beckering, the Blacksite opens it’s doors to the public more then ever before!

The Black Site Airsoft
The Black Site Airsoft

The battleship board will be open to all players as of today (04/04/2024). Each ticket can be purchased from us here at Airsoft Armourer by calling up or messaging or by heading over to The Black Site Airsofts’ facebook page.

Each ticket will be £3 with a total of x10 tickets up for grabs. All prizes will be drawn on the 5th April.

The rules are simple: Any age can enter, if you win a pyro package/ RIF, a person must be over the age of 18 to accept the prize. x100 squares, x10 winners, good luck!

The Black Site Airsoft

Our local site and a remarkable one at that!

The Black Site Has been Running now for three years. Owner, Mark Andrews, has turned this old base into a playable arena for airsofters.

Benefitting from indoor and outdoor areas, T.B.S has everything a player could ask for. Whether you are starting the sport or a weekly veteran, know that T.B.S welcomes you!

At T.B.S you can bring your own equipment or rent the well maintained G36C’s. Storming a building, shooting 50+ metres or trying to be sneaky in a bush, know you are covered!

T.B.S also offers kids shoots, to get the younger generation involved, that maybe don’t want to take part in a normal skirmish day. Keep an eye out on their facebook page for upcoming events or even to see what it’s all about.

Hot food, on site toilets and a friendly marshall team! Book in before it’s too late!

Words from the owner:

Blacksite is an airsoft experience with a 50-50 split ratio of woodland and CQB. The site is a great place to play, whether you’re an experienced player or new to the game, but the community at blacksite is what makes it special. If your looking for a fair, honest but exciting day, with a wide range of interesting and challenging games, then black site is the place for you.

The Black Site Airsoft