We started of as airsoft players, enjoying the sport and participating in as many skirmishes as possible. We then decided to start upgrading and tuning our own weapons. After about a year of doing so, we moved on to start tuning friends weapons and friends of friends. Word spread and we became very popular and rather busy with repairs, tune ups and modifications. Our mission is to have as many friends and fans as possible,  not just customers. The reason we pride ourselves in what we do is because we like to have that personal touch.

We don’t want to be the biggest because that just means you, the customer, is just another number.

We are part of a community in which everyone looks out for one another and we will try to keep that spark going.


Our vision is to be able to have everyone who plays airsoft in the UK, to have heard about Airsoft Armourer.

We want to make our mark at different sites, through different players and of course through the mass amount of weapons that we tune.

To this day, nearly every single weapon we have upgraded has been one of a kind and that’s how we want to keep it. Having that personal touch.