Inner barrel can effect range, FPS/ Joule, accuracy and air pressure.

Getting the right inner barrel for your weapon is definitely one of the most important parts to play as this dictates where the bullet is going.

Most inner barrels from factory are either 6.04 or 6.03mm and this doesn’t seem to be a massive difference for example if upgrading to a 6.02 or 6.01mm inner barrel but the results and potential gains are massive.


Having a good hop up and setting it correctly can change the course of the BB flight.

Having too much hop can over spin the BB causing it to fly upwards, meaning an un-accurate shot.

Saying this, the exact opposite can happen if not enough hop is applied to the BB.

If there isn’t enough spin on the BB, then this can cause the bb to fly downwards. 

A must know is that with no hop set on any rifle, you will see readings on a chrono of the weapons highest FPS/ Joule which isn’t a great thing because it means that the weapon can be powerful enough, but without the correct hop, the bb isn’t going to go anywhere.


Now we’re talking.

Putting a new motor in your weapon can be a great way to increase ROF (Rate Of Fire) or/ and trigger sensitivity.

Since the motor is connected to not only the mechanical, but electrical side of an AEG, it is important to know what the weapon can and can’t handle.

If a too powerful motor is used then this could cause the weapons gears to strip, of course also depending on what battery you are using.

The motor height is one of the most crucial things to set and set correctly. To far into the gearbox and this can cause a massive amount of resistance.. This means that gears can strip, mosfets and batteries can die and parts will end up needing replaced.

Not a lot of weapons need motor changes, but it is something to think about when upgrading other components.


On to springs.

Depending on which brand and model of weapon, will depend on which spring the factory see fit to put in the gun.

Most factories well build a weapon to run between 300 and 320 fps on average, testing on 0.20g bb pellets.

There are of course factorys and maufacturers who see fit to build a gun to handle a more powerful spring for sites that have a higher FPS site limit. Most sites in the UK are capped at either 350 FPS-400FPS for AEGS, 420FPS – 450 FPS for DMR’s and 500FPS-550FPS for spring action sniper rifles.

Putting a new spring in your AEG is a great starting point if you want a bit more umph out of your gun.

However, it isn’t just the spring that creates power, it also has to do with the air seals and compression.


At Airsoft Armourer, we are proud to be able to carry out custom builds for customers.

Not only do we sell our own platforms of new and like-new modified weapons but we can build bespoke to your airsofting needs. 

This means trigger sensitivity, higher rate of fire, more control over what you want your gun to do, for example; 3 round burst, 5 round burst, binary trigger, magazine mode (30 rounds), sniper mode, delay reloading time, extreme range and many more.

When it comes to the modified airsoft world, there’s nothing better then having a weapon that can out perform all others on the battle field.

It can’t just out perform on it’s own though, the user has to have a weapon they are comfortable in using.

When it comes to gears, boxes and mosfets, these are all things that can increase a players rankings. 

Since there are so many different types of gears and mosfets, the player must have an idea of what they want from their rifle before upgrading these desired parts.