Whether your range is low or your weapon feels a bit sluggish, coming to Airsoft Armourer not only means that your gun will be working, it will be taken care of and repaired to a higher standard then which it left the factory in.

Changing hop rubbers or nubs, motors or springs, our standard repairs aren’t only affordable. They will get you back on the field in no time.

Advanced repairs doesn’t just mean  it’s going to cost more. It means we spend more time on your weapon, no matter what the issue.

Unlike some guns, the gearbox in most AEG’s are not quick change springs. This evidently means removing the box and opening it up. Some people are confident in carrying out this work themselves, however some aren’t and we are here to help both groups of people.

Taking on advanced repairs can also mean wiring/ electrical issues. All Airsoft Armourer employees are trained in how to not only find the issue but repair to high quality of standards. 

Get the quality that you and your weapon deserve.

Here comes the tricky part…

Having issues with a weapon, whether it be a pistol, an AEG a shotgun or a sniper, bringing it to us for diagnostics can be the first step into  not only getting a better understanding for your rifle, but knowing how to prevent a recurring issue.

Carrying out diagnostics on a weapon isn’t always straight forward. For our fixed price of £60, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, we will find the issue.

During the diagnostic testing procedure, we undertake an extensive health check. This includes a full damage report, a chronograph reading along with the full list of findings to the weapon regardless of if it has anything to do with the fault the gun has initially come in for.

Most repairs, standard or advanced, normally start with diagnostics, as this gives us a feel for how the weapon has been treated, what is wrong with the weapon and potentially anything that could cause the weapon to bring more bad luck.

For more information or to book in, click contact us and don’t be afraid to get in touch.