Getting The Most From Your Gun

Having a modified Rif or even a factory standard one, the changes that can be made are still endless.


Focussing on what you want from your weapon from the start, means you have a goal to work towards.


A lot of weapons that come out of the factory aren’t half bad, but seem to feel as if they lack that one small thing that could make a massive difference. It could be something as simple as a harder or softer hop-up bucking or it could be there’s a bit too much grease in your gearbox.


We focus primarily on how you want your gun to perform, how you want it to sound, the quality and of course the outcome.


We deal with a vast range of different brands and are confident no matter what brand we work on, you will be more then happy with the result.


For more information, get in touch to ask questions, book your appointment and find out what others really think about our tuning service.