Custom Builds/ Upgrades

Custom Builds/ Upgrades


The silent SMG!

Custom Builds/ Upgrades


A semi & full auto beast!

Custom Builds/ Upgrades

the titan eve

Responsive & Powerful

Carrying out a custom build may be the way forward for you.

Custom builds are designed to suite your needs as a player whilst getting the most out of your RIF.

This service offers a complete start to finish build on an already owned or brand new RIF.

Pistols, rifles or snipers. Contact us to see what we can do to your RIF to take it to the next level and make it one of a kind.

Custom Builds/ Upgrades
Custom Builds/ Upgrades

Carrying out upgrades is a good choice to get the most potential out of your RIF.

More range, power, control are three of the best upgrades available for any platform.

To achieve these results, here are some of the following upgrades we recommend:

Barrel, Bucking & Nub – More range and accuracy

Compression – Getting the correct power for your RIF is just as important. To optimize range, having the right FPS and Joulage is just as important.

Mosfets – Customizable profiles, trigger sensitivity, firing mode configuration, realistic mag function + much more.

HPA – Converting a rifle to HPA is another great way of getting the most out of your RIF. This can be from a pistol adapter to a full engine install.