Diag/ Repairs

Diag/ Repairs


We offer a complete diagnostics service to look into any issues you are experiencing with your RIF. This could be from low power and loss of range to electrical faults and much more.

Carrying out diagnostics will give us a basis of what repairs are required in order to get your RIF performing how it should.


  • Pistol & Sniper Rifles – £50
  • Standard AEG – £75
  • Premium AEG & HPA – £100

Our prices differ from brand to brand. Please use the “Get your quote now” button, to find out more.


We offer all repairs available whether is be on an AEG, GBB, SPRING/ SNIPER or HPA.

After diagnostics, having more information, will allow us to carry out the relevant repair required on your RIF.

As there are a lot of moving parts in most RIFS, keeping them in good condition is essential for maximum performance.

Diag/ Repairs