GATE Aster 2 Bluetooth V2 Rear Wired With Quantum Trigger


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The brand new ASTER II Bluetooth® EXPERT for V2 GB is the younger brother of the well-known TITAN II Bluetooth®. Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology gives you direct access to ASTER II Bluetooth® settings, AEG telemetry, and the ability to use our smartwatch app, the tactical computer STATUS, and other future devices of the GATE Ecosystem. Today you can use ASTER II Bluetooth® with your AEG and tomorrow with a single solenoid HPA engine. This makes ASTER II Bluetooth®, right after TITAN II Bluetooth®, the most versatile ETU in the world replacing trigger contacts. ASTER II Bluetooth® raises the price-performance ratio by including an adjustable Quantum Trigger 2 and Bluetooth® 5.2 onboard. You get cutting-edge technologies at a reasonable price. Now, out of the box, you can set sensitivity from ludicrous touch through hair to full movement. Automatic pre-cocking, trigger sensitivity adjustment, Active Brake settings with top-class adaptive mode and the Binary Trigger are all available via Bluetooth® with the GCS app. Extended compatibility with brushless motors – ASTER II Bluetooth® is compatible with popular brushless motors even with a supply voltage of 11.1 V. ASTER’s smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor, and the controller. This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes ASTER II Bluetooth® one of the most durable ETUs on the market. ASTER II Bluetooth® is not just a regular ETU/EFCS mosfet. It is a complex system that turns your AEG into future-proof advanced training equipment with built-in Bluetooth®. ASTER II Bluetooth® has a coating in the MIL-V-173C military specification, making it resistant to weather conditions.