Kross Airsoft Design Hi-Capa To M4 HPA Adapter – Pre Built


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Our hi capa adapters are the new in line for your CQB and pistol game needs.

As always, made with tough MJF Nylon 12 to withstand close range combat.

They offer excellent feeding for all tm magazine compatible pistols.

Using a HPA adaptor not only help regulate consistency of shots but allows you to adjust the FPS to a safe limit while having a huge air reserve on you!

These will come in both DIY and Fully assembled units for those who don’t want to waste time getting set up.

Installation is super easy:

Remove the bottom gas block seal from your magazine.

Take the o-ring off your mag (this one is on us!)

Pop the adaptor onto your magazine of choice.

Insert the long screw through the hole in the adapter, pressing down until you feel it catch the threads of the magazine on the inside.

Screw in tightly.

Test the seal by hooking up your HPA line.

Tighten if needed until airtight.

And just run wild!


These do not work well with ARES magazines.

EPM1 or Nuprol are best suited for the best results


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