Krytac Kriss Vector Combo


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he KRISS VECTOR SMG Black is a formidable compact smg that excels in close quarter engagements.

Premium materials throughout the VECTOR SMG’s design, such as 6061-T6 aluminum and reinforced polymers, lend to a robust and lightweight AEG, that is maneuverable in close quarters and can also withstand the abuse of uptempo gameplay.

By merging the technology and craftsmanship of the KRISS VECTOR into an AEG, the KRYTAC VECTOR SMG is the most faithful representation of its real steel counterpart and serves as a competetive option for close quarter engagements.

This particular Vector comes fully upgraded with the following mods:

–  Extended outer handbuard & Barrel

–  6.01 inner barrel

–  TDC Hop Chamber

– Maple Leaf 60 degree Bucking

–  Complete Gearbox Build – High Torque

–  High Torque Motor

Also included is x6 mid cap magazines, nuprol XL Case.

This rifle has been fully serviced and built to run 0m 0.32g at 1.13J. All fire modes operational.