Maple Leaf MR. Hop Up Rubber for AEG – 50 Degree


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– Larger & Wider contact area inside of BB pellet

– Requires warm up time but more durable compared to silicone

– Better Performance for Heavy BBs
– The “Shield” shape groove design has better hop effect when tensioner /lever press it.
– Retain the steel “C-ring” design for airseal from “Transformer HOP”series- The R-hop Rubber kit begin from a small group user who want to increase the range and hop effect of heavy bb.
– The title “R” means the “RANGE”

Recommended hardness / FPS combinations:
– 50 degree: Up to 360 FPS
– 60 degree: 295-390 FPS
– 70 degree: 360-460 FPS
– 75 degree: 425-490 FPS
– 80 degree: 490 FPS up


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