Maxx CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring Air Seal Nozzle for Airsoft AEG Series – 21.25mm


  • The nozzle is a key part in maintaining an air seal in the top half of the gearbox as well as loading the BBs into the hop chamber for firing.

    • Manufactured by precision CNC machining
    • Smooth rounded tip decreases wear on the hop bucking
    • Aluminium construction for light weight and high strength
    • Double O-rings for better stability and air seal
    • Laser engraved with length for easy identification

    Compatible with:
    TM compatible AEG

    Nozzle Length Guide (may vary by brand)
    19.63mm – AK Series
    20.40mm – MP5-A4 / A5 / SD5 / SD6 Series
    20.73mm – P90 Series
    20.77mm – M16A1 VN / XM177E2 / CAR-15 Series
    21.03mm – MP5-K / PDW Series
    21.20mm – G3-A3 / A4 / SG-1 / MC51 Series
    21.22mm – M4 / M16 Series
    22.26mm – SIG 550 / 551 / 552 Series
    24.27mm – G36 Series
    24.60mm – AUG Series