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  • Designed for EU Series replicas fitted with NX300 Torches
  • KYDEX Retention Holster
  • inc. Belt Loop (max belt width 50 mm)
  • 17.7 cm Tall x 11.5 cm Wide

The NP Kydex EU Series NX300 Holster is designed to hold your EU Series replica, fitted with an NX300 series torch, securley at your side.


The main material of this holster is the semi-rigid “KYDEX” – great for retaining your sidearm whilst leaving it easily accessible. Due to its “rigid, flexibility”, the KYDEX will provide a high-friction hold of your sidearm, which is overcome by the force you apply drawing or holstering your sidearm. To get the perfect retention level. there are two “closing screws” that need to be adjusted when the replica is held inside – not too loose, not too tight.


This model is designed for EU Series replicas fitted with NX300 Torches.


Available in Black, Tan or Green