Prometheus Hard Piston for M4 / HK etc


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Recommended for replacement of regular maintenance when worn or damaged!
The next generation electric gun series that produces realistic recoil shock.
The gimmick produces a real and intense reactionary, but on the other hand, stress is easily accumulated in various parts.
Regular maintenance similar to real guns is becoming an essential condition, such as loosening parts and replacing worn and damaged parts inside, and among other things, the most heavy burden is imposed on gears and piston parts that operate the power source and the recoil engine at the same time Although it is said to be a strong part, the endurance life drops to 1/2 to 1/4 (compared with our test) compared to the non-recoil electric guns to date.
In Prometheus, tests are carried out in various patterns based on the operating environment, usage conditions etc inside the mechanism box and actual results data and durability test results so far, carefully selecting materials matching the next generation machines carefully! Hard piston series Bending / tensile strength characteristics are further enhanced while maintaining the friction, wear resistance, heat resistance, sliding property etc. of the wear resistance, bending and tensile strength!
Recommended parts for replacement of wear, damage, regular maintenance is!