Waldo Dynamics Perfect Silicone Lube Savers Set


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Discover true perfection with Waldo Dynamics’ Perfect Silicone Lube line! Each 50ml bottle is crafted to deliver unmatched performance and longevity, ensuring you never settle for anything less. With vibrant individual colours for easy identification and delicate scents to enhance your experience, presentation meets precision in every drop.

Lets talk about what each bottle specifically is good for:

Thin (Royal Blue)

  • Gas blowback rifle Bolts
  • Gearbox O-Rings
  • Gas blowback Nozzles
  • Gas blowback piston heads
  • Pistol slide contact surfaces

Medium (Galaxy Purple)

  • Perfect for the vast majority of airsoft maintenance needs
  • Apply to metallic surfaces where friction occurs

Thick (Blood Orange)

  • Gas blowback recoil springs
  • AEG gears
  • Gas blowback magazine O-Rings
  • Pistol guide rods and recoil springs


* Elevate your lubricating experience with Waldo Dynamics. Please note, this product is intended solely for airsoft/paintball use and not for sexual gratification. Misuse may result in adverse effects.