Wolverine Airsoft MTW Billet Tactical – 14″ Carbine


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3rd Generation MTW NOW SHIPPING on this model.

The MTW Billet Series Tactical is a custom upgrade of the standard Billet series. It includes a steel flash hider, premium DLG Tactical real-steel grip and heavy-duty milspec stock.

The Wolverine Airsoft MTW:

The MTW platform has been built from the ground up to dominate the field, with endless customization options to make it your own. The MTW’s unrivaled reliability will keep you in the game, and we’ve “got your six” with durability and service to make the MTW the last replica you’ll ever need.

For more details, an overview of the MTW Billet Series as well as all of Wolverines other products, check out Wolverine Airsoft’s Youtube channel

Manuals: MTWSpartan Electronics


The Billet Series GEN3 Update has seen the Billet GEN2 updated with a new Upper and Lower Reciever Set which now sports a polymer Dust Cover and sees several other aesthetical changes that smarten and enhance the look of the MTW Billet Series. Internally there has been some small updates to help improve the reliablilty and production of the MTW Billet Series without impacting on performance but this has led to incompatibility with older MTW Billet Series MTWs Reciever Sets. See below for a full list of changes in this latest update.

CNC Aluminium Billet GEN 3 Reciever Set

Polymer Dust Cover which can be biased Open or Closed

Small Brass Deflector

Charging Handle Retaining Screw

Updated Engravings

CNC Feed Tube Assembly

Sling Plate

Tactical Trim Additional Features

Steel Flash Hider

DLG Tactical Real Steel Grip

DLG Tactical Heavy-duty Milspec Stock

Technical Highlights

True tool-less disassembly exactly like standard AR-15 platform

Spartan Edition Electronics

Latest Empty mag detection and functional bolt catch when used with Wolverine Airsoft Magazines

Advanced Feed Tube Assembly

Intrinsically aligned

Compatible with most standard M4/M16 AEG magazines

Custom designed polymer rotary hop for ease of service and adjustment and optimal shooting performance

Compatible with many aftermarket AEG hop up rubbers, inner barrels and modifications.

Compatible with standard AEG hand guards

Bolt on compatibility with Wraith X stock system

Configurable with Inferno GEN2 or REAPER

Compatible with real steal AR grips, stocks, takedown pins, trigger guard, buffer tubes, and more

Machined Aluminium Reciever Set

7″, 10″ and 13″ 7 Sided Invictus MK1 M-Lok rail systems

7”, 10.3”, 14.5”, and 18” CNC Aluminum Barrel Lengths

Each system assembled and installed by a certified Wolverine Airsoft tech

Each gun is thoroughly tested, shot, and checked by Wolverine Airsoft tech before shipped

This MTW is the Billet Tactical 10″ SBR Version. You may purchase additional rails and barrels to modify.


MTW Barrel Length – 14”

Invictus MK1 7 Side M-LOK Rail Length – 13″

6.03MM Tightbore Inner Barrel Length – 380mm

Polymer Rotary Hop Unit with Maple Leaf Macaron 70 DEG Hop Rubber

GEN2 Inferno engine

Operating pressure: 60-140 PSI ROF: 15-35 RPS

Energy: .8-2J Burst settings: semi-semi, semi-3rnd, semi-auto, 3rnd-auto

Standard Filtered Integal Grip Line with US Foster Input fitting

GEN3 Billet Reciever Set

Furniture: DLG Tactical Pistol Grip and Stock

Magazine: 1x PTS x WA 120rnd EPM midcap with empty mag detection