We have changed the way we work. We now offer the RIF MOT which has replaced the original “health check” style system.

All work carried out to rifs will include a free of charge RIF MOT which consists of a full visual inspection before work has commenced, a chrono test with an advisory box for any obvious issues that stand out and we feel you should be made aware of.

We have also included a rating system. This is mainly performance based, however we have included bodywork and external items to make the RIF MOT complete.

Below, we have different types of checks depending on the rifle. For example an AEG MOT will be different to a GBB etc.

Even though this service offered is included in all repair work, we can carry out a RIF MOT excluding any work required. The benefit of this is for you to know where you stand with your faithful primary/ secondary.

RIF MOT – £15

In order to expand the longevity of your RIF, as well as maintaining optimum performance, we heavily advise keeping your pride and joy serviced.

We offer x2 different types of servicing depending on your needs!

Standard service

Our standard service consists of a full strip and clean of the rifle. This means all internal components from your hop-up group, to the gearbox are removed, cleaned, re-greased/ lubricated, rebuilt and tested.

Platinum Service

Everything that is in the standard service + an ultrasonic dive.

The ultrasonic clean ensures your components are brought back to 100% life by removing any potential dirt build up. The vibrations along with the chemical solution will give your parts the love they deserve.