MAC & Gorilla Airsoft


The Evolution Of HPA Airsoft

MAC & Gorilla Airsoft

BODIES, trigger boards and fcu’s

Fully customize the way your rifle looks and performs!

MAC & Gorilla Airsoft

Out with old, in with the new!

Time to take it to the next level!

MAC & Gorilla Airsoft


Achieving Over/ Under hop with the press of a button!

MAC & Gorilla Airsoft

M.A.C. Airsoft is an Italian Airsoft business, specializing in full custom builds from bodies to barrels.

This option, now available in the UK for customers is the next level in airsoft. With the ability to design your own RIF from start to finish, means not only do you have the option of how your rifle performs, but how it looks and feels.

In addition to the design of your RIF, you may also choose colour and magazine type. The AR-15 magwell or the AR9 magwell gives every customer/ player a base to work around.

To check out more of M.A.C Airsoft builds and designs, or for ideas on how you want you RIF to look, click the button below.

Gorilla Airsoft technologies not only engineer and design all of their products, but they also bring them to life!

Being able to adjust your FCU/ HPA engine settings with ease, has never been easier!

Download the Gorilla APP on the IOS or Android store to get started!

Gorilla Airsoft trigger boards and FCU’s fit in standard V2 gearboxes, Wolverine MTW and article-1. Once installed, connect your battery, tune your settings and let your RIF do the talking for you!

All Gorilla products come with lifetime warranty on any faulty products/ products that are not working, which gives confidence to us here at Airsoft Armourer, knowing that they have been designed and tested 100%!

MAC & Gorilla Airsoft

To order any M.A.C Airsoft Or Gorilla Airsoft products or for any quotes, please get in touch using the button below!

MAC & Gorilla Airsoft


MAC & Gorilla Airsoft